Leadership Recognition Award

Berkshire Christian is proud to honor and recognize the contributions of godly individuals in the proclamation of the gospel message and as those who were very influential in the development of Christian leadership for gospel ministry. These individuals have dedicated their life to serving the Lord and are being honored with the Church Leadership Recognition Award. The first recipient of this award is Rev. Warren Rivenbark (see below). Other recipients will be announced soon on the Berkshire Christian website.

For more information about the Church Leadership Recognition Award, or to inquire about naming an individual for this award, please call, text or emailĀ  Chet Hart at 704-929-5417 and chethart2@gmail.com.

A Legacy of Leadership Fulfilling God’s Mission: Rev. Warren Rivenbark. 

This Church Leadership Recognition Award is presented honoring both Warren and Mildred by Common Cross Church where they were charter members. 

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