Berkshire and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary have created a unique partnership that affords students the opportunity to obtain a seminary degree through Gordon-Conwell with Advent Christian studies and the availability of scholarship support.

The Center for Advent Christian Studies

Located on the South Hamilton, Massachusetts campus of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Berkshire maintains a professorship, resident and commuter student population, Adventual Library, and scholarship program.

Berkshire Professor

As Professor of Church History, Dr. Gordon Isaac teaches courses with Advent Christian focus as well as several in the basic curriculum of the Seminary. As Director of the center for Advent Christian Studies, he meets with students who are a part of the Advent Christian denomination. Dr. Isaac provides mentoring and support to the seminary experience.

Resident & Commuter Student Population

Berkshire provides regular events that allow Advent Christian students the opportunity to build relationships with each other. Dedicated to promoting trained leadership in the Advent Christian denomination, Berkshire helps students to discover their purpose, and find career placement opportunities.

Adventual Library

Berkshire maintains a historic collection of religious Americana related to the Adventual movement of the mid-nineteenth century. Students have access to priceless artifacts and literature produced during the movement where the Second Coming of Christ was introduced to American theology. This resource is housed in the lower level of the Goddard Library, So. Hamilton, MA campus.

Gordon-Conwell Scholarship Fund

Berkshire maintains one of the best scholarship programs available for seminary students at GCTS. Our program offers up to fifty percent of a student’s academic cost significantly reducing the burden of student debt.

Seminary Locations

Gordon-Conwell maintains campuses in South Hamilton and Boston, Massachusetts; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Jacksonville, Florida.

Think you don’t have time to get your seminary degree?

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“… the experience … helped give me a stronger intellectual foundation that enables me to do a more effective job in my ministry.

I appreciate Berkshire’s financial assistance, which helps makes it more affordable. The whole experience was great.”

Matthew Broadway, ACGC Regional Superintendent

“GCTS was a good fit for me and I made the right choice. I knew that my time at GCTS would be a learning and growing experience, but I did not expect it to be as all-encompassing as it became. School was very demanding and I had to make the choice to let other ‘good things’ go so that I could commit myself to school.”

Tamra Carpenter, Master of Arts in Christian Counseling at GCTS, Charlotte campus – Family therapy is an area of particular interest.

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