Where Are They Now? Joe Pritchett

Joe Pritchett

BCC Spring ’82- Spring ’85

Tell us about yourself:

I met my wife, Robin Hubert Pritchett, at BCC. We were married in 1984 and lived in Thompson Hall for my Senior Year. We have two children. Rebecca and Benjamin. Rebecca and her husband Keith live in nearby Clayton, NC. Our son Benjamin and wife Jackie live near us in Garner, NC, and are the parents of our two precious pre-schooler grandchildren, Maddison and Andrew. We have lived in Garner, NC, since the year 2000.

What are your favorite memories from school?

My favorite memories are tied to precious friendships, meeting my wife, Choir Tour, serving as Class President, bringing in Kathy Troccoli for Sweetheart Banquet, and our professors.

What has your life looked like post-graduation?

After serving as Interim Pastor at several Congregational Churches in Massachusetts during college, our post-BCC ministry began in 1985 at the First AC Church of Barbourville, KY. Later I also pastored the Corbin AC Church in a yoked ministry. From 1987 to 1992, I was the Associate Pastor at United AC Church in Wilmington, NC, with an emphasis on Student Ministry. I became the SACA Director of Student Ministries in 1993, a position I served until 2011. From 1992 to 2000, I was Senior Pastor of the Bethlehem AC Church in Augusta, GA. I was called as Senior Pastor of the Garner AC Church in Garner, NC, in 2000 and served until 2011. During this time, I served for 7 years as the Recording Secretary for the ACGC Executive Council. In 2011, I became the SACA Regional Superintendent and continue to serve in that role.

How has the Lord used your training?

Berkshire taught me to “rightly divide the Word of truth” and helped me to develop a Christian world view that has framed my life and ministry.

What excites you about your relationship with Christ today?

I am extremely excited about the challenge to encourage and train pastors to share the gospel in our ever-changing culture. I am grateful for the chance to share my faith with people seeking meaning for their lives as God provides daily opportunities to witness for Him.

Thank you, Joe!

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Published 7/1/2020