MTI Program Update

Exciting developments abound as the Ministry Training Institute (MTI) continues to expand! A second cohort is scheduled to begin on January 9th with widespread interest among prospective students. New field office locations will open in California, Maine, North Carolina and Wisconsin. The MTI program is expected to have thirty students total in the first and second years of the program. Students are engaged in online theological study and remain in their local setting and church. They meet periodically with their cohort and work with field directors. They also benefit from the help of a mentor. All MTI students have access to the Digital Theological Library, an online resource of 600,000 books and 6,000,000 journal articles. New courses have been written with others in progress. Students will soon have access to their records online. Rev. Matt Larkin serves as the Coordinator of the MTI program. Field Directors for MTI include Rev. Josh Alves, Rev. Adrian Dixon, Rev. Jack Mumford, and Rev. Jesse Stevens. Additional aspects of the program are still being worked on by the leadership team in collaboration with Berkshire Christian and ACGC leadership. MTI remains a primary focus of the collective efforts of both entities and is a long-desired solution to the leadership needs of local Advent Christian churches and beyond. For more information contact our office.


Published Dec, 1 2020