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Joanna-Jayaprakash-1The power of eBerkshire is that it enables people from all over the world to enrich their faith and develop their knowledge of the Bible in an interactive, supportive manner.

Joanna Jayaprakash from Malaysia shares her testimony about how her study of the Old Testament through eBerkshire has helped provide her with a deeper understanding of how it relates to the modern church.

“Taking the Old Testament Survey subject has been an exciting journey of discovery into the ancient times of the Bible. Beginning with creation to the time of judges and kings, the course has provided me with a deeper understanding of the books that depicted the events that had happened before the time of Christ.

Examining the characters and events in the Old Testament, and relating their importance to our modern times have given me fresh insights about the practical aspects of the Word. It has helped me understand the role of pastors and believers in the church, as well as the significance of practices that the modern churches have adopted over time.

The support and feedback given by Berkshire throughout the course has also been truly amazing, which makes the distance learning process even more achievable and valuable. Overall, I have been truly blessed by the course and thank the Lord for the lessons I have learnt along the way.”

– Joanna Jayaprakash