BCC Author Highlight

Many Berkshire Christian College alumni have gone on to do amazing things for the Kingdom. This month we’re featuring two Alumni who have written books.
Rev. David E Dean (Class of ‘76) has authored several books and republished several of his father’s writings through a reestablished Himes Publications. David is the son of the late Dr. David and Dorothy Dean. David served in Advent Christian pastoral ministry and missionary service throughout his ministry career. We are pleased to feature two works by David.

Union With Christ: A Lectio Divina Guide, by David E. Dean. This presents an introduction to the spiritual discipline of Lectio Divina, a form of meditative reading of Scripture and provides several methods of engaging Scripture with the intent of seeking God’s guidance for one’s spiritual maturation. (Available on Amazon. Paper $5.99, Kindle $.99)

My Parents, the Missionaries: Or Why Won’t Millennials Come to My Church Any More? by David E. Dean. This is Rev. Dean’s keynote message at the 2018 tri-annual session of the Prairie States Advent Christian Conference. Utilizing the experiences of his parents as special assignment missionaries in India, Rev. Dean challenges the church to become intentionally missional to reach the Millennial generation. The question to ask is not “Why don’t Millennials come to my church any longer?” but “How can we as a church understand and minister to Millennials in the name of Christ?” (Available on Amazon. Paper $5.99, Kindle $.99)
Dr. Randy M. Haynes (Class of ‘82) is the author of a recently published work. He is the son of the late Rev. Dr. Michael E. Haynes. Randy served in pastoral ministry over several decades. Prior to full-time ministry he had a distinguished career as a criminal justice official, including Chief of Probation, for the Massachusetts Trial Court. We are pleased to feature his work.
Standing on Bended Knees is a 52-week men’s devotional filled with tell it like it is, raw writing, and teaching. While reading this thought-provoking devotional, men will be challenged to reach for an expression of manhood that is unapologetically transformational. (Available via the website, Talk2thetext.com, and on Amazon, Paperback $12.97, Kindle $8.97)
Published September 1st, 2021