A TD Bank Account Can Help Raise Money for Berkshire

TD-Bank-logoOpen an account at TD Bank, and TD Bank will make an annual contribution to Berkshire based on the average balance in all members’ accounts.

Eligible accounts include:

  • Checking
  • Money Market
  • Savings
  • Certificate of Deposit
  • IRA

Contributions are calculated at 1/2% on checking balances and 1/4% on savings, money market, CD and IRA balances. Members’ accounts are not affected in any way by the contribution. Your account balances are used to determine the level of contribution and are kept confidential.

If you are already a TD Bank customer, you can visit any TD Bank location and ask to have your balances included as part of your organizations’s Affinity Membership Program.

Berkshire’s official Affinity Membership Program at TD Bank is “Berkshire Christian College” AF954.

How to enroll:

1. Go to TDBank.com or call 1-888-751-9000to find your nearest location.

2. Open a new account.

3. Enroll your new (or existing account) in TD Bank’s Affinity Membership Program with the following information.
“Berkshire Christian College”, AF954