Where Are They Now: Jim Forsythe

About Jim: I am in a 35+ year career in information technology. I am and have always been an active member of a conservative evangelical church (mostly non-AC) no matter where I have lived (lots of places!), and since the late 1990s heavily involved in recovery/growth-oriented ministries for men struggling with sex addiction and relationship problems. I have been happily married for 33 years. I am in a 30+ year career in information technology. Lived in 6 different places in 4 different states since graduating. Married, traveled, recovered from sex addiction, really happy with how life turned out and the impact I have had on others and continue to have in my ministry.

Best Berkshire Memory: The deep relationships that I developed while there and many continue to this day. Choir tour is also at the top. My theological training from Berkshire has been an active source to encourage the weak and wounded toward growth and wholeness. It provided the foundation I needed to find recovery for myself.

What Excites Jim about his relationship with Christ: I am so excited to be an accepted and beloved son of the Father. Even though I learned this in my head at BCC, it did not get to my heart until recovery. My joy is full, and I am ready to pass that joy on to those who need it, the hurting and wounded and broken among us.


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Published 9/1/2019