The Value of Berkshire

Is God Calling on You to Be a Leader?

In I Timothy 3:1 (TEV) we read, “This is a true saying: If a [person] is eager to be a church leader, he desires an excellent work.” You have made a commitment of your life to Christ, but now you may be asking, “What’s next?” Perhaps you have felt a calling to become more of a leader in your church. If so, you may be wondering how to go about making that happen. What kind of leader should you be? Jesus answered this question by saying, “whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant.” Throughout the ministry of Jesus, he perfectly demonstrated this fully realized version of servant-leadership.

This past week a pastor of an Advent Christian church got in touch with the President of Berkshire about a middle-aged man who believes God is calling him to prepare for more significant roles of leadership in the church. The pastor encouraged the man to take a distance learning course from Berkshire. This week we have received a request for an application to study with us. Before the end of the month we expect that this person will be discovering an answer to his question, “What’s next?”

Berkshire exists to assist persons who are sensing God’s urging to take on greater responsibility in their church and the community by providing solid training and mentoring for this greater role of leadership through service to others.

If you feel God is calling you to take on a greater leadership role in your church or community, take a moment to get in touch with Berkshire. You can contact us here.

matt-broadway-sm“I’ve been taking one class at Gordon-Conwell per semester, and it’s been an eye-opener. Even though I’m just a few courses in, the experience has already helped give me a stronger intellectual foundation that enables me to do a more effective job in my ministry. I’m learning a lot about how I understand and interpret the Bible and how to better explain it. I appreciate Berkshire’s financial assistance, which helps makes it more affordable. The whole experience has been great.”

Matthew Broadway, Pastor, Dulin’s Grove Church

butch-nelson-sm“I have been a pastor for 25 years. I recently completed the “Introduction to Advent Christian Theology” course. Having been familiar with Advent Christian doctrine for many years, I really didn’t expect to learn much that I wasn’t already familiar with. Boy, how wrong I was! The curriculum and reading materials were excellent and I now feel so much better equipped to explain our Adventist beliefs and history to those who have an interest in the truth of the Gospel message.
This course is a must for all those interested in going into any area of Christian ministry. Those of us, like myself, who have been in the ministry for years can benefit from this outstanding course as well. I highly recommend this course for any serious Bible student, clergy and layperson alike.”

Rev. Miles Nelson Pastor, Lulu Advent Christian Church