Student Spotlight: Steve McGee

Steve McGee – Ministry Training Institute (MTI)

Steve’s home church is Hickory Grove Advent Christian Church in Four Oaks, NC, and he is in his first term in the Knightdale NC cohort. Read more to learn about Steve and how the Lord has used her MTI training!

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am married to a wonderful spouse and partner for life, Paula and we have been married since 1991. I am 57, and I work as a Shift Coordinator at Glaxo-Smithkline and we manufacture respiratory medications and it goes without saying that things have been crazy since the pandemic began. I have been with my company since 1997. We have two wonderful daughters who both live in North Carolina. We have always been active in our faith. I became a Christian at age 23 and have been a strong advocate for the Conditional immortality view for the doctrine of punishment for those who have rejected Christ. This strong conviction is what has propelled me into the Advent Christian Church. I guess the many years I was involved in Baptist and Non-denominational fellowships I always had to bite my lip when the subject of hell came up.

What prompted you to join MTI?

In recent years I have really enjoyed studying the Bible in my spare time and I thought a structured program like MTI would benefit me greatly in my Christian journey.

What is something you’ve learned through MTI?

Well, I am in my first year of the program and taking my first class on the Authority and Canon of Scripture.

What has been your favorite memory of the program so far? 

Meeting my cohort and my professor Adrian Dixon.

How has the Lord used your training so far?

I already feel more balanced and grounded and have enjoyed my studies thus far.

What is a resource you’d recommend (Book, video, podcast, etc) that you learned about through MTI; how has it helped you?

Chicago Statement and Norman Geisler’s “Introduction to the Bible”. I have always believed in the inerrancy of Scripture but the class is also showing me the loss that comes to the believer who chooses to dismiss this essential doctrine that has steered and shaped the Church since the book of Acts.

What would you consider telling someone who is considering joining or supporting MTI?

I think the approach of a mostly online learning program that is geared for everyday working individuals is a needed approach to seminary learning at this time for so many of us.

What is a simple joy of yours?

Fishing and sleeping!

Thank you for the interview, Steve!

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