Over the course of the past year, the Berkshire Christian Board of Trustees has diligently sought the Lord’s leading regarding the mission and vision of this ministry. In April a new mission statement was adopted that reflects the board’s commitment to biblical instruction, a mission that can be traced to Berkshire’s founding in 1897. This mission statement reads as follows: ‘Engaging Minds to Inspire Hearts Through Biblical Instruction and Practical Mentoring.’ For many decades biblical instruction has been central to Berkshire’s mission. A new element in this mission statement is the desire for practical mentoring. This focus is integral to training the whole person for ministry, moving beyond mere cognitive learning toward a multidimensional taxonomy that will inform the values, attitudes, emotions and motivations of students, as well as their actions and experiences. This involves a new approach to learning from what is presently used and will require considerable discussion before implementation is possible. However, it affords the opportunity to maximize Berkshire’s educational impact as we strive to prepare Christ-exalting leaders.

   The Board of Trustees has spent considerable time talking about the vision of Berkshire Christian in light of this new mission statement. Action was taken by the Board in October regarding Berkshire’s future direction. After much prayer and extended discussion, the Board is clear that the Lord has called us to refine our focus to preparing individuals for pastoral ministries. This focus has a direct impact on Berkshire’s partnerships. For this reason, the Board endorsed the exploration of a partnership with ACGC, and charged its president to pursue this further and report back to the board in the spring. This refined focus will also have an impact on Berkshire’s partnership with Eastern University, which was evaluated this fall. Action has been taken and additional conversation is required concerning this partnership. Berkshire Christian continues to pursue dialogue with other partners as well as considering new initiatives in the pursuit of a collaborative educational effort. More information will be shared in the next edition of this newsletter about changes on the horizon for Berkshire Christian.  

  Please join us in praying for the Lord’s direction and gracious provision for all that he is calling Berkshire Christian to accomplish in these opportune times.