MTI Program Launch


The launch of the Ministry Training Institute is just weeks away! January 11, 2020 is the launch date for MTI, a 60-credit, holistic educational program based in the local church. Students enrolled in the MTI will embark on a 3.5 year journey completing coursework, meeting for Socratic symposiums, learning from experienced teachers and mentors, gaining personal experience through local church apprenticeship, and developing independent research skills through extensive reading. Students accepted into the MTI program will benefit from this unique training which includes assessments focused on their calling and character formation. Graduates of MTI will be thoroughly prepared to serve in local church pastorates, as church planters, worship leaders, and local church leaders. Enrollment at one of the four field offices is limited but openings are still available. To apply for admission or for more information please visit today.


Published – 12/1/2019