MTI Expansion

The Ministry Training Institute (MTI) program has seen significant growth and has expanded to a second year with field offices now located in five states in the US and internationally, including a cohort of Filipino students. More than thirty students are now pursuing studies through MTI, with twenty-two students beginning their first course in January, and eleven students embarking on the second year of their program. MTI Coordinator Matt Larkin reports widespread excitement among students and field directors. A key feature of the MTI program and one that is bearing fruit is the mentoring relationship each student enjoys in their spiritual formation. Students benefit from Berkshire Christian’s shared ownership of the Digital Theological Library, an online resource of over 600,000 volumes and 6,000,000 journal articles. MTI leadership continues to work on program development including course creation and administrative resources. Berkshire Christian maintains a database of students with the assistance of Jessica Rice, one of several contractors supported by your faithful donations.


Published March 1st, 2021