Love In Action


Two BCC alumni, George Karl and Floyd McIntyre, joined by many other alumni, friends and churches, have demonstrated love in action in a most wonderful way! One of Berkshire’s most beloved former professors, Dr. Freeman Barton, has been suffering from Parkinson’s Disease for a number of years.  More recently, as a result of the disease, he had to have all of his teeth removed and was in the process of getting dentures. Dr. Barton’s bills were thousands of dollars and this work was not covered by insurance. Neither did the Bartons have money to pay these bills. Advertising this need through social media produced a generous outpouring of love and support across the Berkshire family. As of February 22, close to $10,000 in donations has been received and presented to Dr. and Mrs. Barton.

Recently Dr. Barton shared his longtime love for BCC in these words:  “Berkshire Christian College has been a dominant part of my life. The school groups that came to our church each year were great recruiters. I never considered going anywhere else. Coming back to teach after being away for 8 years was a dream come true. Warner Southern College and Oakland City College where I taught and worked in the library are good schools but no match for BCC. … If you are inclined to make a modest contribution to help restore my bite, I would be appreciative.”

The North Springfield, Vermont, Advent Christian Church has established a benevolent fund for Dr. Barton.  If you are able to contribute to this fund, please make your check out to: North Springfield Advent Christian Church and note for the “Barton Fund”. Please send your check to: North Springfield Advent Christian Church, P.O.Box 442, North Springfield, VT 05150 Attention: Diaconate. Special thanks to those who have contributed already and to others who are prayerfully considering a donation. The Bartons are so grateful for the great outpouring of love that they have received.

love in action


Published: March 1st, 2019