BCC Connect Midwest Gathering

Berkshire Christian Trustee Dave Norck and President Glenn Rice held gatherings for BCC Alumni & Friends in Aurora, Illinois and Albany, Wisconsin in early November. These special meetings were planned by the Advancement Committee of Berkshire Christian and are designed to communicate Berkshire’s vision, mission, and share the latest ministry news with interested individuals in various locations around the country. Information was provided about the newest Ministry Training Institute (MTI) field office in Wisconsin. Rev. Jesse Stevens is the field director and was present at both meetings to share more information about the program. A small group of people gathered at the Aurora (IL) Advent Christian Church, with the assistance of Pastor Matt Mull, and at the First United Methodist Church in Albany (WI), with the assistance of Pastor Tom Moe. Participants also attended both meetings via Facebook Live. More BCConnect Gatherings are being planned for other locations around the country. Please watch for upcoming dates on the Berkshire Facebook page.