Theology in the City

URBMIN200 • 3 Units


What is God’s view of the city? What does Scripture tell us about urban ministry? How can we minister in urban settings? Is there any hope? These and other questions are explored in the course Theology in the City offered through eBerkshire.

Whether or not you reside in a city or urban center, you may find this course enlightening as you learn about the “place of the city in God’s plan for mankind”. It will broaden students’ understanding of the Scriptures as well as provide an exploration of a range of issues urbanization presents to the Christian church.

The purpose of this course is to survey the Scriptures and many theological concepts and their message in the context of the city. The course will expand the student’s knowledge and application of theology in the urban context. The student’s skills for communicating relevant theological thought in our urbanized world will be significantly enhanced.

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