Making Peace: Biblical Principles for Addressing Conflict

TB07 • 3 Units


How we approach conflict can serve as a mechanism or obstacle for peacemaking. This course explores Biblical principles for identifying situations of conflict and how followers of Christ can use such occurrences to glorify and serve God. Some attention is given to understanding one’s individual personality traits and conflict approach as well as being able to identify situations throughout one’s life that may be an obstacle for peace within group settings. Students will become more equipped to utilize Biblical principles when faced with opportunities to be a bridge for peace and reconciliation.


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Bill Norwood e“Having completed the course, ‘Dealing with Church Conflict’ through eBerkshire, I have acquired a new appreciation for the pastorate in the 21st century. It has made me realize how stressful it is being a shepherd over people in the church today. I highly recommend this class for both new and seasoned pastors. This class can also be helpful to superintendents and lay leaders throughout our denomination. The dragons in our churches are alive and well! This class will enable one to put on the full armor of God.”

Bill Norwood, Advent Christian Central Region Superintendent