Leadership Development Certificate Program

A Leadership Development Certificate is designed for individuals who may not feel called to being a pastor, but do sense God guiding them into leadership. The program is designed to provide a grounding in the knowledge of Scripture while also building Christian leadership skills.

Goals of completing this certificate are to enable you to:

  • Apply sound principles of interpretation in studying the Bible
  • Understand Scripture in its historical context
  • Understand the application of Scripture to practical, real-life situations
  • Explain the Christian faith more adequately
  • Cultivate Scriptural principles of Church Leadership

The Leadership Development Certificate Program consists of eight courses (5 required courses and 3 electives).

Pastoral Studies Certificate Program

The Pastoral Studies Certificate curriculum is designed to provide foundational courses relative to Scripture as well as skills that are paramount for ministers in today’s communities as well as an internship with a designated mentor.

The goals of completing this certificate are to enable you to:

  • Interpret and communicate the teachings of Scripture more accurately
  • Understand and carry out some of the basic functions of pastoral ministry
  • Lead others in the utilization of their gifts for Christian service
  • Understand and appreciate the heritage of the Advent Christian Church
  • Better understand the church and its global mission

The Pastoral Studies Certificate Program consists of ten courses (7 required courses and 3 electives).

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