Course offerings through our distance education program provide learning opportunities that fit within your schedule and commitments. We are committed to supporting students as they pursue their educational, ministerial, and personal goals. We offer courses online through eBerkshire, hybrid and Local Learning Centers (a classroom-like setting).


You may take selected courses from your own home … or wherever you have access to the internet. eBerkshire courses address issues faced by pastors, lay leaders in the church and Christians everywhere. These courses facilitate examination of the Bible in ways that will enrich students’ lives.

Courses range from Making Peace, to The Sweep of God’s Story: Survey of the Old Testament to Resurrection, Restoration, and Reconciliation (formerly Introduction Advent Christian Theology). The newest course is Leadership: Engaging Others in the Journey. Each course reflects is college level expectations.

Tuition per course is $525 (scholarships are available for eligible applicants). Once registered, students are given online access to our learning system where they will interact with other students and faculty members. For more information please email the Berkshire office

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Certificate Programs

Two certificate programs are offered by Berkshire for pastors, church leaders, and others wishing to grow in their faith and education to expand service to Christ and His Church.

A Leadership Development Certificate is designed for individuals who may not feel called to being a pastor, but do sense God guiding them into leadership. The program is designed to provide a grounding in the knowledge of Scripture while also building Christian leadership skills.

Individuals who are responding to God’s call into ministry as a pastor, will benefit from the Pastoral Studies Certificate. This program also provides foundational courses relative to Scripture as well as skills that are paramount for ministers in today’s communities as well as an internship with a designated mentor.

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Distance Education Success

Bill Norwood e“Having completed the course, ‘Dealing with Church Conflict’ through eBerkshire, I have acquired a new appreciation for the pastorate in the 21st century. I highly recommend this class for both new and seasoned pastors.”

Bill Norwood, Ed.D., Advent Christian Central Region Superintendent, former public school principal

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The Association of Christian Distance Education

Berkshire Christian College is a member of the Association of Christian Distance Education or, ACCESS. ACCESS is the leading network of Christian institutions, organizations and individuals characterized by a commitment to make education more accessible through online, mobile, and digital means. This provides:

  • The latest research on how to make distance education more effective
  • Access to best practices in Christian distance education
  • Opportunities to collaborate with others who are delivering Christian distance education

Learning Solution's Global Digital Classroom

Learning Solution’s Global Digital Classroom™ enhances the competitive position of small and medium-sized colleges in the digital era. Berkshire has partnered with Learning Solutions since 2008 to deliver classes through eBerkshire. Through this partnership, Berkshire is one of over 150 Christian colleges/universities providing quality higher educational opportunities for learners online using the Learning Solutions delivery system.

What can eBerkshire do for you?

What can eBerkshire do for you? Maybe more than you think.

“I have been a pastor for 25 years. I recently completed the “Introduction to Advent Christian Theology” course. Having been familiar with Advent Christian doctrine for many years, I really didn’t expect to learn much that I wasn’t already familiar with. Boy, how wrong I was! The curriculum and reading materials were excellent. I highly recommend this course for any serious Bible student, clergy and layperson alike.”