News & Notes from Berkshire

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Jason Hillard

Jason Hilliard

This spring, Jason Hilliard received his Master of Divinity degree through our partnership with Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (Jacksonville, FL campus). Alan Jeffers of Concord, NH received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science through our partnership with Eastern University. Let us rejoice with these two graduates and pray for fruitful ministries for them as they use their newly honed skills and acquired knowledge.

2cf7fce2ca165c373c0deb379b80d883_f219Steve Epting, a senior in our program at Eastern University, is extremely talented in the field of music. Besides showcasing his voice on the Eastern campus in praise and worship, he has also become the university’s “American Idol,” with his participation in the finals of March Music Madness singing competition, created and sponsored by producer and TV personality, Ryan Seacrest. Steve is in his final round in the competition, with his cover of “All of Me,” the hit ballad from soul singer, John Legend. Steve is from Hope Community Advent Christian Church in Chicago, Illinois.

Rev. Lee Welkley

Rev. Lee Welkley

Thank you to all who visited our booth at the 2014 Advent Christian General Conference Triennial Convention in Charlotte, NC. Pictured is Berkshire President Rev. Lee N. Welkley addressing the convention.