Take courses offered through eBerkshire for personal enrichment or in pursuit of a certificate. eBerkshire provides learning opportunities that fit within your schedule and commitments. Although classes are taken online, they are very interactive and embody Berkshire’s commitment to a highly supportive, personalized experience that is Bible-based and culturally relevant.

Students can register for courses at varying lengths, but should keep in mind that the course material is the same whether it is a 15-16 week course or an 8-10 week course. We recommend that if a student plans to take Survey of the Old Testament or Survey of the New Testament that they do so during one of the longer course offering periods. If you have any questions please email eberkshire@berkshire.edu. Students will need to complete the application process to register for classes and finalize their registration at least 5 days prior to a course start date.

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“I have been a pastor for 25 years. I recently completed the “Introduction to Advent Christian Theology” course. Having been familiar with Advent Christian doctrine for many years, I really didn’t expect to learn much that I wasn’t already familiar with. Boy, how wrong I was! The curriculum and reading materials were excellent. I highly recommend this course for any serious Bible student, clergy and layperson alike.”


Rev. Miles Nelson

Pastor, Lulu Advent Christian Church

eBerkshire Courses

*NEW* Introduction to Pastoral Theology

TP23 • 3 Units Units

This course examines the roles, function, and theological considerations for the practice of pastoral ministry. A focus on the call, leadership, gifts of ministry, cultivating leadership in the worshipping community, equipping believers for ministry, and the care of the congregation through pastoral counsel and crisis ministry are explored.

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BIBW431 • 3 Units

A study of the Acts of the Apostles that specifically follows the historical expansion of the church through doctrinal development, growth in understanding, evangelism and geographical expansion through the missionary activities of its members.

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Christianity Through the Ages

TB03 • 3 Units

This course examines the history of the Christian Church from the Ascension to modern Fundamentalism, ecumenism and Pentecostalism.

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Church History I

BIBW131 • 3 Units

A study of the history of the Christian Church from its founding on the day of Pentecost to the beginning of the Reformation.

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Church History II

BIBW132 • 3 Units

A study of the history of the Christian Church from the dawning of the Reformation to the present time.

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Great Doctrines

TB13 • 3 Units

What are the “great” teachings of the Bible? How can you ground your understanding of what it means to serve Christ through the basic principles and doctrines provided in the Bible? Explore how to incorporate Biblical principles into your life and ministry.

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History of Music in Worship

MUSW231 • 3 Units

This course visits key moments in the history of Western Christian church music.

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History of the Urban Church: Ministry and Impact

URBMIN202 • 3 Units

This course explores the importance of the city in the ministry of the American Christian church.

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Leadership: Engaging Others in the Journey

LDR 200 • 3 Units

This course introduces the concepts and theories of some of the leading experts on leadership. The course will expand the knowledge, skills, and understanding of leadership for students as applied in large and small companies, churches and other not-for-profit organizations. 

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Literature of C.S. Lewis

ENGW332 • 3 Units

The course will explore the life of and literature produced by C. S. Lewis.

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Making Peace: Biblical Principles for Addressing Conflict

TB07 • 3 Units

This course explores Biblical principles for identifying situations of conflict and how followers of Christ can use such occurrences to glorify and serve God.

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Practicum: Supervised Internship

TP27 • 3 Units

You will spend a minimum of ten hours a week for six weeks working with, listening to and reading under the guidance of an experienced pastor.

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Redemption, Resurrection, and Restoration: Themes of a Biblical Theology

TB04 • 3 Units

This course takes a close look at “the whole Gospel for the whole person” through an in-depth examination of Biblical teachings concerning Redemption, Resurrection, and the Restoration of All Things.

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The Sweep of God’s Story: Survey of the New Testament

TB01B • 3 Units

This course explores God’s Story as revealed in the life of Jesus Christ, the world in which he carried out His ministry, the body of believers who carried on His work, the Apostles and the early church, and what can be anticipated in the future.

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The Sweep of God’s Story: Survey of the Old Testament

TB01A • 3 Units

This course explores the power and truth of God’s unfolding story as written in the books of the Old Testament.

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Theology in the City

URBMIN200 • 3 Units

What is God’s view of the city? What does Scripture tell us about urban ministry? How can we minister in urban settings? Is there any hope? These and other questions are explored in the course Theology in the City offered through eBerkshire.

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Urban Social Issues: People, Problems, and Policy

URBMIN201/SOC205 • 3 Units

The purpose of this course is to provide an overall framework for understanding and examining pertinent social issues in the urban setting.

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Who is God? An Introduction to Christian Theology

TB02 • 3 Units

This course explores the primary ideas, principles, traditions, and people of important theological movements throughout history.

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