Eastern University, St. Davids, Pennsylvania

Berkshire and Eastern University have created a unique partnership that affords students the opportunity to obtain accredited undergraduate and graduate degrees from Eastern. This partnership offers the student scholarship support and special seminars that highlight the Advent Christian heritage.

Director of Berkshire Programs at Eastern University

Recently retired as chairperson of the History Department at Eastern University, Dr. Robert Price continues to teach part-time and directs the Berkshire program at Eastern. He meets regularly with and provides mentoring and support to Advent Christian students in support of their college experience.

Resident Student Population

Berkshire provides events that allow Advent Christian students the opportunity to build relationships with each other. Berkshire is dedicated to preparing men and women for lives of Christian faith, leadership and service. Through this program, Berkshire helps students to discover their purpose and develop the knowledge and skills to achieve it.

 Eastern University Scholarship Fund

Berkshire maintains a scholarship program available for undergraduate students at Eastern who are Advent Christians or are members of Advent Christian or BCC alumni families. Our program consists of annual scholarships designed to reduce the burden of student debt. These Berkshire scholarship awards are available in addition to any scholarships and financial aid provided by Eastern University.

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